Thanks for coming over to check out my brand new faboosh photography site. This will be a work in progress as I build my photography business. At present I plan to focus on portraits, products, and interiors. I love people, cool stuff and yummy food as well as great interior design - so this will blend many things I love into one place. I have always been interested in photography and after taking a few classes and lots of snapping away I have discovered a new passion. I didn't really begin on this journey expecting to start a photography business, it has happened naturally so I am going with it . I am super excited to share with you as I grow. Lots of people have given me little pushes of encouragement along the way and I thank you enormously. And an especially big thanks to my husband who helps me in all things and set-up this rockin' new site for me!

So cheers to my new adventure - join me would you?