The Mather Home

My friend Olivia let me take photos of her fabulously remodeled home last week. There are so many great modern details throughout the house - enjoy the tour.

First up the dining room banquet:

And the light filled kitchen:

And onto the bathroom, I literally squealed the first time I saw her tile - so playful, yet tasteful. I love this big, bathroom for her boys with tons of storage space.

Now I didn't really ever think a hallway could be beautiful - but this one certainly is! Notice how the tree outside is framed in the window. The light and architectural details are perfect.

At the end of the hallway a fun playroom for the boys.

And I just have to share a photo of the bread Olivia's husband made - and yes of course I tasted it, so YUMMY!

Vendor List:

Re-model design: Cameron Cooper

Kitchen & Banquet design: Cameron Cooper & Elaina Sherrill

Cabinets: Cliff Spencer

Contractor: Outten Construction

Now in addition to living in this beautiful home and getting to eat delicious bread Olivia has a cloth diaper business. Thank you for sharing your home!