40 Candles

I enjoyed taking some photos for my candle-making, statistician friend Jenny over the weekend. She recently started making and selling these lovely candles under the name 40 Candles. Truly unique, handmade, soy candles. She uses reclaimed and vintage glassware, filled with soy wax (hydrogenated soybean oil) and pure essential oils. She even buys the bulk of the soy wax and candle-making supplies from previous candle makers, an up-cycled product that will have you and your home smiling! Popular scents are: Lavender-Rosemary-Lemongrass, Mojito (Lime-mint), Tangerine-clove, Almond-vanilla, and Ooh, minty!Are you interested in some candles? jennysuter@gmail.com 619.813.4854