Loft #212

In searching for the before photos of our current home for a post I'll do later in the week I came across these photos of our old loft. This was our first home together as a married couple and we moved in right when we returned to from our honeymoon. We lucked out in being able to afford the cheapest and smallest of the lofts in the Walker Building in downtown Long Beach just after it was renovated and turned into lofts. All the tenants moved in around the same time and it was totally like an adult dorm with tons of parties and social gatherings. We met so many interesting people and new friends. These are some photos of the loft when we finally completed the furnishing/decorating - about 2 months before we ended up selling. We will forever remember our days and late nights in the Walker building!

Here is the reading lounge we had custom built - so cool!

View from the entry way to the dining area.

The units on the second floor got to keep original wood flooring from the old Walker Department store - it had such character. Also you can see the much of the original architecture.

At the time I had no idea how spoiled I was that this was my first kitchen!

The couch in its intended location - this is why it is so big. It looked a lot nicer pre-kids! The original fire escape from the exterior was attached to the inside of the loft. A little loft within a loft- we used it as an office.

Greg and a couple other friends were nearly injured beyond repair hanging this plexi-glass divider we had made to separate the bedroom area. You can see fabric wall hangings throughout - my last business venture.

Our same bed pre-wallpaper.

Ah the memories! We were pretty hip in 2004 if I do say so myself!