Our home - the rest.

Even though our home isn't very big - 1350 sq. feet I wanted to break up the home tour into two posts so as not to overwhelm you (all 2 of you that is!). So what we have left is the bedrooms, bathrooms, and hall. We haven't done anything too major to the rest of the house just simple paint and decorating.

This was my motto a couple years back when we just had our second child who was such a cranky baby. I know this print is everywhere now, but I still do like it and someday may change out the print, since I LOVE the frame.

First off the master bedroom - we updated with the wallpaper on the wall and headboard last year. I thought we may tire of the bold choice, but so far we are loving it. I looked for wallpaper for quite a while and kept being overwhelmed by the pricing, it seemed like a risk to spend a ton of money on something that you don't really know if you are going to love it until it is up on the wall. We found Graham and Brown out of the UK to be affordable enough to take the plunge.

My original vision for this acrylic table, mirror and stool was for it to be my vanity - I've always wanted one! I soon discovered that make-up and jewlery left out at this height was played with and tried on by my lovely little ones, so for now it is more of a bedside table. I want to get some shelving to house my things away from curious hands and hopefully its intended purpose will be restored. (table CB2, mirror etsy find that we painted, stool overstock)

Here is my dresser an antique passed along from my Great Aunt along with the Buddha lamp. I've never been into vintage or antique furnishings before - probably because the cool ones are super pricey. But these things have such meaning since they have been in the family. Older things seem to have such craftsmanship and quality that is so hard to find (or afford!) these days.

I have always loved these vintage Halliburton suitcases - now they store extra purses, and Bosey who's been with me since age 4.

We had this sliding door made to maximize space in our tiny master bathroom. If we ever remodel again it will be to add some closet space and a bit more to the bathroom as well.

Hallway - I know not very exciting, but might as well do the whole tour. I've been meaning to re-paint this mirror for a while now...someday.

The girls rooms are bright and fun, someday we plan to do bunkbeds and create a library in the other bedroom.

Kid clutter is so hard to contain, and the bedrooms rarely look this clean! We recently added the shelf with hooks underneath for the dress-up clothes thanks to the idea from a friend.

You may recognize the poster from this photo contest we won!

And finally the kiddo bathroom. We have learned to live with the retro 50s blue bathroom. We, meaning my husband, painted the tile to cover up the old hideous tile. It was an easy solution and after a fresh paint job the bathroom is something we can live with for a while now.

I leave you with one word

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to have more home tours soon.