Our National Parks

We travel, Greg and I love to see new places and Charlotte is right there with us, Pfeiffer is learning to love it and she doesn't have much choice in the matter, she will travel. For now while the girls are still pretty young we have focused our travel on the Western US but hope to venture far and wide with them to show them this diverse world of ours. We don't live in a fancy house or drive fancy cars, pretty much any extra funds we have go towards our trips. When looking to put flooring into our house, I look at the $$ amount and think of what kind of trip that could be, it is a bit of a compulsion, but there could be worse ones for sure. We spoil ourselves on experiences. Some of these most memorable experiences are are visiting OUR National Parks. They are a true gift to US, each and everyone of us - these gorgeous lands set aside and preserved for us to gaze in wonder at the beauty of this great county. I have set a goal to visit 2 a year and in 2012 we visited The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. This year we have visited Yosemite and Glacier National Parks. I write this not to boast but to implore you to plan a trip, finding a place to stay does take some planning ahead, but it is so worth it.

We have only just started watching the Ken Burns film The National Parks on Netflix, its pretty awesome and you should check it out. When we were visiting Greg's grandmother in Northern Idaho this summer we took a day trip to Glacier, next time we'll plan for more time as it was rushed trying to see the park in a day. Here are some pics from our trip to Glacier National Park....as I've said before nature photography is not my specialty, but with places this gorgeous, it doesn't seem to matter.


So friends what is your favorite National Park? What's on your list to visit next? My short list includes Crater Lake, The Grand Canyon, and Banff (a Canadian National Park), and the Sequoias.