Sneak peek

After watching tutorial earlier this week of a photographer who did a session in a forest I wanted to take my girls over to the nature center for some photos. I broke Andrea's tips against matching outfits, but I couldn't resist these Missoni for Target dresses and I love them set against the natural background. Oh and there may be more in store for these dresses in a larger version too! I just had to share a little peak as I am loving these. Anyone up for a session in the nature center?


One of the best parts of summer is FRESH fruit from the garden, CSA or farmer's market! My girls watched one, yes one Yo Gabba Gabba episode a couple of weeks ago and are constantly singing "there's a party in my tummy, so yummy so yummy". These pics can go along with that song for sure.


2 of my favorite vacation photos I actually took using my husband's new iphone. the little phone takes great pics and it just so happened that on the evening with the best light I didn't have my trusty nikon out on our adventure. love the sun flare, not bad for a camera phone...

class pictures

I've been enjoying the prompts this past week from my photography class - here is the latest.

a COLD drink

summer ritual: chairs lined up awaiting fireworks time


subtle color - green beans not so green

a TREASURE from a collection - here part of a tea set passed down from a relative


Thanks for coming over to check out my brand new faboosh photography site. This will be a work in progress as I build my photography business. At present I plan to focus on portraits, products, and interiors. I love people, cool stuff and yummy food as well as great interior design - so this will blend many things I love into one place. I have always been interested in photography and after taking a few classes and lots of snapping away I have discovered a new passion. I didn't really begin on this journey expecting to start a photography business, it has happened naturally so I am going with it . I am super excited to share with you as I grow. Lots of people have given me little pushes of encouragement along the way and I thank you enormously. And an especially big thanks to my husband who helps me in all things and set-up this rockin' new site for me!

So cheers to my new adventure - join me would you?


Here are some of my favorite photos from the past few weeks - keep stopping by to see the latest.

An abstract photo:

A lovely flower:

A shot on the ground using self- timer:

Hope you all had a sweet Easter

Spring has sprung!