Piping hot

I don't bake all that often these days even though I love it; I have zero will power thus slicing into the banana bread way before it has cooled and gobbling it up - yum! I used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, everything I have tried from this site is amazing. The coming fall and cool mornings combined with bananas begging to be made into yummy goodness resulted in these photos. I figured if I am going to indulge I may as well practice some photos while I'm at it. My goal was to capture the just out of the oven feeling.

Infiniti Shoot

I had the opportunity to do a commercial job last week at an Infiniti dealership up in San Jose documenting the sales and service processes that go on at a dealership. The images will be used for Infiniti's web training and online articles over the next year or two. It was a taste of what big time photographers do on a regular basis with 4 am alarm to catch an early flight to shoot all day with models and a long shot list. It was a great experience for me as I build my business and am so thankful for the opportunity. I hope to do more projects like this in the coming year. Here are some of the shots:

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40 Candles

I enjoyed taking some photos for my candle-making, statistician friend Jenny over the weekend. She recently started making and selling these lovely candles under the name 40 Candles. Truly unique, handmade, soy candles. She uses reclaimed and vintage glassware, filled with soy wax (hydrogenated soybean oil) and pure essential oils. She even buys the bulk of the soy wax and candle-making supplies from previous candle makers, an up-cycled product that will have you and your home smiling! Popular scents are: Lavender-Rosemary-Lemongrass, Mojito (Lime-mint), Tangerine-clove, Almond-vanilla, and Ooh, minty!Are you interested in some candles? jennysuter@gmail.com 619.813.4854

Andre's Jewlery

I've been shooting beautiful jewelry and ceramic tiles the last few days created by Andre Ritter. It has been a fun project as his pieces are so unique. He has a love affair with Tiki and puts together some gorgeous bead combinations. I also discovered that I am a decent wrist model in the process.

In addition to the jewelry he also designs custom ceramic tiles: