Baby Julissa

My youngest will start Kinder in less than 2 weeks and at times I want to skip with excitement; one school, one drop off, one pick-up!! This is the moment stay at home moms dream of for years right?! But in the same breath I get teary with the realization that my girls are growing. I really don't dwell much on the time goes by so fast trill, but at this moment it is all too clear. On to new adventures, blow those tears goodbye, because my little Lou is super excited, so I will be too.

For that reason I cherish sweet newborn sessions with the teeny tiny ones. This family has a new home and a new baby and it at such a precious stage of life.


Julissa Newborn-1054.jpg
Julissa Newborn-1056.jpg
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Julissa Newborn-1065.jpg
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