A lovely family

Well I've returned from a fabulous trip to Idaho and got back to work last weekend taking some photos with a great family. We met at Terrenea up in Palos Verdes and took these down on the little public beach.

Libby is just the cutest, such personality!

They even look adorable upside down!

I may be biased since I too have girls, but really is there nothing sweeter than a Dad and his adoring daughter? Omar, Molly and Libby I had such fun capturing the love in your family.

Catching up

I took these several weeks ago of our good friends, you know the kinds of friends where you were in each others weddings. My husband Greg and Mike grew up together and I loved taking their photos. Little Michael Jr. stole the show even though his big sis is a little star in her own right.

Happy Fourth of July everyone, I hope you have a fabulous holiday with your family and friends!

Mini shoots for Father's Day

You met their older sister here and this time I had a chance to capture the cuteness of Henry and Hillary.

Above: I am working on my photoshop skills, its been a long time coming, so if you have an idea for a little montage that you would like me to play with of some photos I have taken for you please let me know.

I love this next one - the essence of summer.

And a few with mom:

I've been working on making my black and whites more crisp...

It's my blog, and I love this one so I'm posting it again in B&W

Enjoy the beach this summer friends.

Family Fun

I had the pleasure of taking photos of this adorable family a couple of weeks ago. We started in their backyard - which was great and then moved down to the beach, a bit windy but we made it work. We used to have a playgroup when our girls were little and although we don't get to see each other as often anymore it was such a joy to take pictures of the Simmons fam.

I LOVE this look that Evan is giving his mom - so sweet!

Gift Ideas

Hi Friends, I am way behind on posting some of the photos from the last couple of weeks. I have some cute ones to share but the end of the school year has us swamped. I do want to share with you Pinhole Press, a company that makes some really cute products for Father's Day. I don't get a discount yet, but if I get enough orders through this link I will eventually get some sort of pro discount and of course I will pass that along to my lovely clients. I ordered a couple of the photo pads to get a feel for the products and they are super cute. The quality is nice and it makes for a fun personal gift that everyone would enjoy. They have some other great Father's day recommendations here.

Happy Shopping!

Cover of photo pad above. Each page has a photo on it as well below.