Park time

I was ever so excited to hear that this adorable family bid on and won a photo session from our pre-school auction last Spring. I took Hannah's newborn photos and nothing makes me happier than getting to see the little ones grow. She has grown into such a sweet little cutie pie!l


 I loved our time at the park, don't grow up too fast.


Baby Bump

You may have already seen some of these shots on my friend Andrea's blog, she's much more on the ball at blogging than I am!  I was excited that she shared so many of the photos with her readers. Since this is one of my favorite shoots I've done I wanted to make sure I posted several of the images here as well.  Andrea is a style and lifestyle blogger so its no surprise that she came to our photo session ready with all the details in check.

First we took some of the whole family, and I love the one of Andrea and her husband. Then we did lots of great baby bump shots.

A quick change and drive down to the beach for our second location. The dress is sparkly and spectacular!

Thanks for stopping by, I know it sounds crazy but now would be a great time to schedule your holiday card photos session for this fall. Please let me know if you'd like to get a date on the calendar.


Up in Ojai earlier this week I did a little photo session with my adorable nieces, aren't they just the cutest?


I loved this great spot up against the mountains, next trip up I think I'll have to get some of my little ladies in this same location. I hope everyone had a great 4th and is off to a fun summer!


This adorable family lives down the street from us and I was so excited to take their family photos. I love that we did them in their home, yes one reason we bought these houses is for the crazy amount of light that streams in so it was fun to put that to good use in the session.

Thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you are interested in a session for this summer, lots of fun travel and activities on the calendar already.

Mother's Day

For her first Mother's Day Alison wanted to have a family photo session. Such a great way to document this beautiful family and not to mention the crazy love they all have for the first baby and first grandchild on each side. Those eyes those cheeks, such a sweet little guy!

Happy Belated Mother's Day out there! Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Easter

A few pics from some sweet faces to say happy Easter everybody. We will be enjoying a little Spring Break next week and hoping to soak up some sun and relax a bit after a very busy week this week.

Since its all the rage these days to see pics of celebs without makeup on I thought I would include the one of me that little P took, only black and white though - I'm not insane!

A little Fashion work

I've had the opportunity to work with my friend Andrea on a series for her new blog For the Love of. She interviews people working in the fashion industry which is her background. (Mine too although not so fancy!) So it has been great fun to take photos and listen to the stories of some very successful and amazing individuals. A couple of weeks ago we went downtown to meet Kay Sides who owns the gorgeous Hatch Showroom. It was such a fun faux-work day I called it, we went bead shopping and had a tasty lunch as well. Here are a few photos from that adventure and don't forget to keep up with For the Love of for fashion inspiration and this fun series.

Welcome Hannah!

I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet little family a couple of weeks ago to take some newborn photos of Hannah. I'm sure she has changed already, but I always feel so lucky to be able to capture moments when babies ares so tiny.

Welcome to the world pretty girl, you are so loved!


Growing up in a family with sisters and one brother I have always been more attune with the sisterly relationship. Recently I have had some great fun taking photos of families with boys and getting to capture the bond between brothers. The way the little ones look up to big bro shows early and is so sweet. I had such fun with the Cox brothers here are some of my favorites.

Check out the drool on this next one - gotta love it!

Thanks for stopping by, I am off on a big adventure in a few days and hope to have some amazing photos to share with you.

Also a little friendly reminder: this session was given as a gift certificate, so please let me know if you are interested in giving the gift of a photo session.


Another mini Jlooper was born just about two weeks ago and I had the pleasure of taking some photos with the Jones family once again! Jason is a designer and it shows in the details in their home, I loved every inch of it. I love this one of the proud papa, just thought I'd share while I edit the rest of the photos.

Welcome to the world Sullivan Jones! More to come soon...

Brothers in Bow ties

In the midst of all of the family Christmas card photo sessions I got to do this lovely shoot. Rather than focusing on getting that great shot for a card this Mom really wanted to document this moment in time for each of her boys milestones; 6 months, 3 years, and 5 years. I nearly squealed when I saw these knit bow ties she had for each of the boys, aren't they just the cutest. Not to mention such handsome little guys too!

A kiss from your big bro, that is pretty sweet. Happy Holidays!


Our Card

I didn't plan on buying myself and my girls matching dresses in the midst of the Missoni for Target craze, it just happened. I don't think the 3 of us will go out in public all matchy matchy but it is pretty fun for our Christmas Card photos. We ended up ordering our cards from Pinhole Press, and I'm very happy with them. Here are the photos:

Yes we loved the image above so much we included it our card in both black and white and color. Overkill? Maybe.

Of course I take pictures of our girls all the time, but it really helped to set it up like a photo shoot. I love these images, and have many more from our little shoot, unfortunately I have had some computer problems and those images are on a hard drive not yet loaded back onto the computer. I'll share more of their individuals hopefully soon.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy New Year Friends!!

Christmas Card Photos

Hi Friends. I have lots of great photos to share with you and now that my busy schedule has calmed a bit I have a little time to post some of the lovely families I have been lucky enough to take pictures of. First up my Sister and her gorgeous fam. She already sent out her cards so I don't have to worry about ruining the great reveal in the mailbox! Isn't mail time so fun in December!

We took these photos in Ojai - our peaceful and beautiful hometown.

Love my cute little nieces!!!

I can just hear Mark's laugh in the above photo.

Bells's mischievous look below:

I hope your holiday prep is smooth and hope you enjoy the last week leading up to Christmas!

Baby Dimitri

Our good friends just welcomed Dimitri into their family and he is just the cutest, smiliest little guy! 2 months old already, but these photos were from about 6 weeks. Here are some of my favorites from our little session.

We love you sweet Baby D!

Working with the Weather

Today I had to re-schedule four photo shoots, I do love the rain, but with the holidays fast approaching and my schedule pretty booked I am a little anxious about fitting it all in. Last weekend I was able to work around the weather with this family and we met up a little early and just as I was driving home the sprinkles started. I really love how these photos came together, such rich colors and we got quite a variety in one location - and all in less than half an hour!

Isn't Bruna the dog such a cutie, not to mention the kiddos!

Driving the motorcycle with a little lip curl, love.

This next one quickly made it into my favorites, the texture I think is what I like so much.

Holiday Photos

I have been lucky enough to take photos for this family several times and they just seem to keep cranking up the cuteness. These dresses are just too precious!

And of course we got some great family shots as well.

Beautiful Mama

I love the chance to photograph maternity sessions, such an incredible time to capture and treasure. A woman's body is so truly amazing and this beautiful mama is no exception. Can you believe this is baby number four?

I'm so lucky to work with clients who are up for fun, love the heels she threw on without a second thought!

I look forward to meeting the sweet little baby on the outside!


Capturing large families encompassing several generations is an important but not easy feat. Lots of group shots to fit different segments of the family in and try not to let it get too boring. I think this family did a great job of keeping it fun and we got some variety within the shots.

I especially love the cousins shots:

And sisters shots:

All the girls and Grandparents:

This is one of my favorites - Sky's look is so real and pretty!

Sneak peek

After watching tutorial earlier this week of a photographer who did a session in a forest I wanted to take my girls over to the nature center for some photos. I broke Andrea's tips against matching outfits, but I couldn't resist these Missoni for Target dresses and I love them set against the natural background. Oh and there may be more in store for these dresses in a larger version too! I just had to share a little peak as I am loving these. Anyone up for a session in the nature center?