It's time to catch up and put the blog back on the weekly to -do list. I did so many fun holiday shoots with lots of amazing families and at some point I hope to go back and share some of my favorites. But for now I want to start with this year since its still sort of new. Like usual it has been a busy year already. We rung in the new year in Hope, Idaho on a family vacation where we got recharged with some beautiful scenery, fun time on the mountain skiing for the kids, snowboarding for Greg and snowshoeing and relaxing for me. We love our bi-annual escapes to visit Greg's Grandmother up in small town Idaho. As some of you know I have in the past kept my photography and family blogs separate, but being that I haven't posted on either in many months I am going to start back here sharing of photos from work shoots, from life, and hope to get back into regular posting. In January I went to a workshop with Wendy and Tyler from Blue Lily Photography. It was eye opening and fun, and I feel like I learned a lot, burt I haven't really had time to absorb it all yet. They even dragged me to my first horror movie, since um, EVER! I will share some of the photos from the shoots we had at the workshop hopefully soon. After finishing the workshop I drove home from San Diego to give my girls a good snuggle just in time to head to the airport to catch a long flight to Hong Kong. Greg and I went on our first trip away for more than 2 nights since we've had the girls, that is 7+ years people! We love to travel and have managed to travel the western US quite a bit as a family and Greg has done some travel on his own and of course I have too, but getting away together was quite a treat! (Huge shout out to my mother and father in law and my sister's family who took such great care of C & P while we were away!) So yes I have LOTS of amazing photos to share from our trip as well, but with 2 different cameras, and iphone photos organizing all the pics is a work in progress. Also the day after returning from our trip, I made my return to the pool deck in many years. Well not really the deck yet as we are just doing dry land (or conditioning for non swimmer types) last week and this week, but I am excited for this new challange coaching the swim team at Los Alamitos High School. It is different spending time around teen agers, but pretty awesome too. The kids get in the pool today and I'm told we have a really great team, so this should be an exciting couple of months joining the Griffins.

Today I will share some photos I took of my little munchkins at the beach last night being their silly wacky selves. I wanted a casual wind blown playful look and although taking photos of my own girls is super challenging (of course taking directions from mom when all you really want to do is collect shells and run wild is not their idea of fun!) I am glad we made the effort.