Hong Kong

Hi friends! Thanks for checking out the blog and keeping up with our travels. Why did we go to Hong Kong? Well Katie, Greg's youngest sister has been living in Hong Kong for a total of about a year between a few trips over the last 18 months. She has been able to have such a great experience working with Disney (her dream job right out of college!) and we wanted to see this incredible city and see what she has been working on at  Hong Kong Disneyland. She put us up in her corporate apartment at the W Hotel in Kowloon, not too shabby! In addition to visiting Katie, this was also Greg and I's first trip longer than a weekend away from the girls. 

We had lots of fun sharing highlights on Instagram as we went, but I wanted to compile a few posts here to recap the trip. After being spoiled in business class last year on my trip to India I was pretty nervous about being able to sleep on the long flight, but Ambien, an empty seat next to us, and Homeland got us through the flight pretty easily. Here are a couple of shots in the Taipei airport on a quick layover. We rented an awesome 85mm lens for my photo workshop and the trip and although it wasn't necessarily the best lens for either of these instances it was awesome and I was very sad to send it back. Now a little disclaimer, my hubby is a pretty awesome photo taker as well and many of the shots from our trip were taken by him.


The first two days of our trip we decided to take a big red bus tour all around Hong Kong Island. Even though it is a cheesy touristy thing to do we think it is a great way to see an overview of a city to get an idea of where you want to go back to. We lucked out with some pretty great weather and with so many things to see and look up at this was an awesome start to our trip.

Hong Kong is the most densely populated city in the world. The mix of architecture is pretty amazing as is the contrast against the lush mountains just behind downtown.

The amount of designer stores is staggering. 


The second day of our bus tour we went to the South side of the island, it is really tropical which was a surprise to me. We were told that we got the perfect day in Hong Kong. It was sunny, 80 degrees and clear. So a great day to see the beaches.